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As you know the project is still very long …..What the Captain accomplished is remarkable ! It was for sure something complicate … he had to find a platform where he could be able to bring people to the community ! Most of the people use Facebook … Twitter …app/site with big influence and lot of users …..I sincerely hope one day that we will be able to give even more visibility to PAR TOKEN in those platform …am sure it will happen in time … one step at a time …. one task at a time …. and everything can be possible ! When i found out about THE TIP ROOM … because i found out about THE TIP ROOM i then found out about the creator of The Tip Room who is the CAPTAIN !!! At first i was just super impress by the dynamite of it and the fact that many people from around the world can be in one place and communicate together … and share idea … and discover about Cryptocurrency …and earn TOKEN / COIN available in PARJAR ! PARJAR Bot since i joined worked like a charm …. limited fees … PAR can even be used instead of ETH for deposit and Withdrawal transaction !! One thing fundamental is the fact that the captain and the parachute team want to unite project and community together to share the same goal …to make CRYPTO accessible and known by all in the big community that we are at the moment !! This second Anniversary is a huge step forward …. and it will certainly make us even more stronger … The community is still young …still lot of thing to learn and to achieve ! A big Thanks to Telegram program for allowing project like our to live and have a place to share our objective ….our desire for us all human being …. Per example i would certainly not be a member of the Uptrennd community if i didn-t join the parachute community ….. When a new TOKEN is added on PARJAR first thing you do is to do research … and ask yourself why would he decide to add this token in PARJAR..what-s the reason ..what-s the purpose? to be curious and allow you to make research is something very educative that would certainly help you learn more about crypto ..and knowledge is very important ! I wrote many articles about my feeling toward the community i invite you to read it … and to explore by yourself the greatness of the community ! I invite you to join PARACHUTE TELEGRAM CHANNEL    Come celebrate this 2 Years Anniversary with us !!! FOO.  

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