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  • The rats are jumping ship. EOS in trouble

    Shortly after EarnBet, one of the bigger gambling dapps on EOS, set an ultimatum and threatened to leave, Karma actually pulled through and yesterday announced they will be leaving EOS for good and migrate to WAX with a pretty strong statement. But Karma is not the only app. Prospectors are going to launch their game on WAX next week. Contrary to Karma they will remain on EOS and bridge both games and thus chains.

  • EOS: the network is currently overloaded

    In the last week, the EOS network has been overloaded with a significant congestion of resources, especially the CPU. As a result of this overload, many users with few resources are unable to carry out transactions.

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  • EOS ICO was a violation of law by, fined $24 million

    The SEC’s order finds that violated the registration provisions of the federal securities laws and requires it to pay a $24 million civil monetary penalty. consented to the order without admitting or denying its findings SOURCE: More

  • EOS dirty tokensale secrets

    EOS did not release the promised audit demonstrating that had not recycled funds into its own ICO (thus gaining a free and hidden stake of EOS) EOS devolved within weeks into a Kafkaesque bureaucracy wherein an unelected arbitrator gained the right to reappropriate funds from users at will decided to scrap the constitution they launched […] More

  • Dan Larimer Receives Guinness World Record for Most Crypto Exit Scams

    Serial swindler, Dan Larimer, who conned his way into becoming a Blockchain Billionaire, was awarded the “Guinness World Record” for most crypto exit scams. Larimer, who is best known for his role in creating popular hit scams such as Bitshares, Steem, and EOS received the award after brilliantly exit scamming EOS in October and announcing plans for creating his fourth new shitcoin. Dan Larimer responds: “I have this brilliant idea to tell people I can create a better Bitcoin. People believed me three times already. Why not four?”


    EOS does not constitute anything close to a Blockchain, fully centralized. Their claimed transaction speed is a lie, fake users, wash trading during the crowd sale, corruption in the markets associated with EOS. And people behind EOS are the same people behind other scams.

  • Everything they don’t want you to know about EOS.

    The $4 billion ‘Ethereum Killer’If you would have told me last year that a startup without a product was to raise over $4 billion, I would have probably not believed it. In fact, I still find it hard to believe. Yet, EOS, a blockchain-startup without a product, managed to do just that. Everything about the platform, which is launching today, sounds great on paper. However, the truth is often less rosy as it would appear.