How to hack a Bitcoin wallet?

First of all, before we start hacking bitcoin wallets we need to know what kind of security bitcoin is using, bitcoin is decentralised and it means that everybody have their own copy of whole bitcoin database, so hacking database that you have access to seems easy huh? Well, no. Bitcoin is using really great algorithms for securing funds. So there’s is no way to hack a bitcoin wallet by extracting passwords from database.

But there’s little hope 🙂 we still can access addresses and check their balances, and as you know for Bitcoin wallet you don’t need to provide any personal information like, email, ID, or even name. You just need to generate yourself a privkey, and you can generate as many of them as you want.

So there’s little chance of that you will get access to somebody’s wallet when you genereate new privkey. What are the chances? For single try it is 1 / 7,922816251×10²⁸ % chances for guessing correct address. So math have said that there’s no way to do it.

But people said that they want to try, if you want to try your luck there’s plutus  there’s very little chance that you will guess, but as a experiment you can try.

There’s one sure thing, if you try it, you will realize how secure your Bitcoin wallet is.

What do you think?