Decentralised oracles are a shit idea that nobody asked for

If such a system ever wanted to be successful, it would have to be essentially free and make zero money for anyone involved, forever. If it wants to make money it can’t succeed because of the legal hurdles involved that have been mentioned ITT. A fucking pipe dream from a philosophy major. Got to ask yourself why no one else is bothering with given the massive attention that smart contracts have gotten these days. It’s not under the radar, this isn’t ‘stealth phase’. Decentralised oracles are a shit idea that nobody asked for, and when presented with them nobody still wants. Believe it or not, big business doesn’t care too much about smart contracts. Turing complete smart contracts are a timebomb (the DAO) and nobody wants to touch them. Non-Turing complete smart contracts, ie the ones that will actually be used don’t need complex blockchain feeding mechanisms. The simpler smart contracts haven’t even been utilised at 0.1% by enterprise yet.

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