Chess game and Cryptocurrency, How?

Are you a Chess player or just really fascinated by the game? Have you ever thought of making money off playing the game of Chess? Are you a crypto enthusiast? Well, if you answer yes to one or all of the above, then BrainiacChess Network is where you should be.

BrainiacChess Network is building a platform where you can earn crypto by playing chess. Online tournaments will be hosted on the platform and you can participate from any part of the world. These tournaments are incentivized using Chess Coin  (CHESS). CHESS is an ERC20 token built for the platform as a means of rewarding users. 

These are going to be the main feature of the platform:

● Participate in online tournament for free and earn Chess Coin 

● Bet against another player you face off online and have the possibility of earning double of your stake

● As a spectator, you can bet against another fellow spectator on an ongoing or about to start game.

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