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Bitcoin price prediction inside

i really love to do it so much !!!!Why? BITCOIN price is never the same …. and it is a problem if we don-t have a little price expectation control of it ! So am learning to predict it as good as possible ….First you need to know if the price will Dump ..or if it will Pump ..or if it will be stable …..Recently i made an observation …when price Pump …expect the correction of it to be more brutal than it used to be previously ! When BITCOIN pump the price can really have huge increase in value so it is inevitable for some to take advantage of it and to make profit ….. this project is fascinating …. i have so much respect for CAPTAIN PARACHUTE !!!!  Who is the CAPTAIN ?   You can read more about him and his project …. you can also talk to him in parachute telegram channel ! so without him i wouldn-t know about PYNK ..  and also about UPTRENND …. #HOMEOFCRYPTO #CRYPTOFOREVERYONE can allow us all to learn non stop about new project… project that can unify us all …and help us adapting better to crypto evolution ….. Unfortunately concerning my daily score am just in 6th position … so i earned some Crowd Points and some Wisdom Points that will probably be interesting to have soon … only the FIRST position can reward you with USDC …. So i hope i will be better at it !!! Did you join yet ?  if not now isn-t a bad time time to join and challenge yourself and who know maybe you can be good at predicting Bitcoin ! Don-t hesitate to read the previous post concerning PYNK where you can have all the information you need ! FOO.

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