ParachuteToken – Weekly Update: Parachute turns 2, Constellation Molly Wallet, aXpire’s LSG + LEDES, Ethos’ Voyager acquires Circle Invest… – 7 Feb – 13 Feb'20

Hey everyone! Here’s part VI of VII as we catch up with the latest – your week at Parachute + partners (7 Feb – 13 Feb’20):

As we walked into the Parachute anniversary week, the PAR4PAR raffle entered stage twelve with a prize pool of more than 1M $PAR. Wow! Did you know that Shawn, Andy and Brian (Trujillo) are a day older than $PAR? Belated birthday wishes to all four! And what a birthday celebration it was! Events galore throughout the week kicked off by Cap’s email followed by Gian’s special Two-for-Tuesday with party classics and bonus tips for party GIFs. Doc Vic (Victor Anox) hosted a trivia in TTR with 1k $PAR per question in prizes. In the birthday special events, we had an anniversary special Parena with a prize pool of 106k $PAR (“Prize will be three 000’s added to the amount of people that join!”). 

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Nice article 👌👍 I like Parachute Universe, is awesome