ParachuteToken – Weekly Update: Paropoly, Parachute Digestive (3 new features), $FTM futures on Delta Exchange, $CALL IoT demo… – 14 Feb – 20 Feb'20

For Parachute’s 2nd anniversary which happened last week, several Parachuters had gotten together a few months back to build an epic Monopoly-like board game based on the $PAR universe. Jason, Jose and Peace Love did most of the leg work while the rest of us cheered from the sidelines. The shipment reached NYC (to Cap and Ice) and Canada (to Shawn) this week. Click here for pics! Cap extended an open invitation for a round of Paropoly to anyone visiting NYC. Should be super fun! Bose hosted a Valentine Special trivia in tiproom this week for some cool $PAR prizes. Tavo hosted a CoD Battle Royale in the Parachute War Zone for $PAR prizes. Congrats to the winners! Afful held a trivia in TTR with a 10k $PAR prize pool. Doc Vic hosted a Champions League prediction round in TTR

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Nice article 👌👍 I like Parachute Universe, is awesome