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It was a quick and fun parena  ( on Monday  for the parachute token members at this time around it was a  bloody Monday, a total of 60 players registered for this bloody fight. The final was epic as CAUTIOUS CURLEW (@Tosingo) and VICTORIOUS Vulture ( @AchilleasG) went head to head. With both having the following characteristics and attributes

it was definitely going to be a though battle, one between an Elf and a Thief. With 50,000 par at stake both fighters knew  they have put in their best for the ultimate prize, though it was a close fight but VICTORIOUS Vulture just like his name came out victorious 

and became the ultimate winner  of the BLOODY MONDAY PARENA BATTLE and the prize of 50,000 par.

But that was not all, with @AchilleasG being absent to claim his prize, it was awarded to  @Tosingo. What a bloody Monday it really turned out to be. Until next week when we find out who the next Parena winner will be, Bye.

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