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r/ParachuteToken – Weekly Update: Cap @Tachyon, 2gether consumer spending report, Pynk in Turkey, Harmony’s $ONE token swap… – 17 Jan – 23 Jan’20

Sup folks! Here’s part III of VII from our catch up series – your week at Parachute + partners (17 Jan – 23 Jan’20):

Cap travelled to the Tachyon (Consensys’ accelerator program) open house this week in NYC to network with some cool new startups: Idle (compound interest aggregator), Pie (platform that allows investment in traditional portfolios like the most successful funds), SimpleID (Intercom for blockchain), Outlet (Robinhood for compound interest investments built on blockchain), Transak (fiat on/off ramp for crypto) and Honey Lemon (mining contract aggregator). The PAR4PAR lottery entered stage eleven this week with the prize pool now at 700k $PAR. Saweet! Bose’s trivia in TTR was super fun and had 20k $PAR in prizes. Charlotte hosted another trivia in TTR for 2k $PAR per general knowledge question. For the #weekendprompt by Jason, Parachuters shared “weird or unusual sport video that most people didnt know was a sport”.

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Nice article 👌👍 I like Parachute Universe, is awesome


I like bose trivias , I hope once day she make one in Spanish 😏