SCAM: Never pool to buy tokens with someone you don't trust

Last year I invested in a pool for VideoCoin with a guy Aziz from Master The Cyrpto. When Video Coin would send distribution information over the past year it went to him and he told the pool what the status for distribution was. A few weeks ago he said we could claim some of our tokens and provided a link to PimaBlock, which was already set up to claim tokens…. but the address to send tokens to was not my address. I emailed him about it and he kept saying to just click claim tokens. I asked him to explain why it was set up to send tokens to an address that was not my ether address and he didn’t explain. Now my email messages to him bounce back as undeliverable both to his personal email and his Master The Crypto email. This smells like a Video Coin scam he is running.

He had several investors and I think most of them just clicked as directed. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to claim tokens and not receive them.

What do you think?

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