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The Bankless Skill Cube: How to become a crypto Jedi

The money verbs

The money verbs are the things the crypto money system helps you do with your money. Like legacy finance, you may want to:

  • Hold—custody and secure your money for saving

  • Lend—generate returns by lending your money to protocols or banks

  • Borrow—pay funds to borrow money from protocols and banks

  • Stake—special case of lending—lend money to a protocol to generate returns

  • Spend—use your money to pay for something

  • Earn—do something of value to get additional money

  • Trade—exchange your money for something of value

  • Bet—risk and earn money by making a bet (shorting/longing included)

In crypto, there’s generally a way to do each verb either via crypto bank or money protocol. We’ll cover both.

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