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Why you should trust cryptocurrency?

As you know that new technologies are inventing just like cryptocurrency is one of the best invention of this world but the question is why and how do we trust it ?

As you know that by advancing the level of technology the paper work is vanishing from this world.and why because you got the latest and easiest way to do the work ! And cryptocurrency is one of that how ? Well cryptocurrency is a digital currency just like a usd ,rubble and euro etc and you can send money to any one anything at any corner of the world by one click . How does it work ?

Well cryptocurrency is goes through block chain and your every transaction is stored in public ledger where you can have your data of every transaction. ! But can it not be robbed ? Well no because the public ledger have every information and its mostly not that easy to rob . And ledger have every information even about the one who is stealing it ! Also. Cryptocurrency is the future where you can send money without going to bank or hiding money in your pockets and afraid of getting rob. It is the future where you can pay your bills with just one click and get you salary without going to the bank cause your the bank . What you need is a device and internet now when you know everything you can trust it

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