Deflationary token Aftershock (SHOCK) contract hacked!

AfterShock – The World’s First Deflationary Proof of Stake Token, [03.10.19 07:47]

[Forwarded from AfterShock – Announcements]

Hello everyone. As most of you already know, there was a flaw found in the AfterShock contract. Fortunately there was very little damage caused by this issue.

Trading on DDEX and VinDAX have now been halted until we get everything migrated to a new contract.

Some buy orders on DDEX were filled by a seller that exploited the contract. If you had a buy order that was filled by the seller and don’t want the migrated SHOCK token when we release the new contract, we will be more then happy to refund your ETH out of our own pocket.

Before the exploit happened we took snap shot of everyone’s addresses. Once we migrate to the new SHOCK contract we will be redistributing to everyone’s wallets.

On a positive note, this will give us a chance to possibly implement some improvements to the contract which we believe will help in the long run. Some of these features will help bring liquidity to SHOCK and also help to make future dApps we develop more appealing.

If you have any suggestions for any improvements over the old contract, please let us know. If we implement any of the suggested ideas you will be entitled to a reward.

We just want to thank the entire community for your understanding in this tough situation. We will make this right and come out much stronger in the end.After

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