Ash (ASH) Token


1% burn on every transfer and 1% distributed to holders, total 2% cost on every transfer

Additional features:

In addition to the 1% burn on every transaction, another 1% is distributed to a random holder in the “heap” – one of the top 512 ASH token holders.


The Burn Token’s tertiary token offering is the Ash (ASH) token, which was inspired by token. ASH was created in order to reward community members who were holding BURN at the ASH creation date.

The main BURN wallet matches the amount of BURN tokens that are removed from total supply, and sells BURN for ASH, thus adding ETH into the ASH/ETH pool.

ASH was minted with a fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens. 1% is destroyed with every transaction, with a further 1% sent to one of the heap members.

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