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Inferno – Digital economically stable deflationary currency

What is Inferno?

Inferno is a digital economically stable deflationary currency. With the token ticker BLAZE.

Why do we need this?

What started as an experiment with the first deflationary currency has turned into a revolution of the economics on coin structure. Well, the experiment is over. There have been multiple tokens and coins testing out the theory on deflating supply to increase demand.

Why Inferno?

We are creating a currency that burns at a 3% rate of the course of its token life span. While 2% of every transaction will be burnt forever, 1% goes back to The Inferno Token Foundation community project of the month selected by the Inferno community. Also, as part of the 1 million airdrop available on our website. For every claim on the site another transaction will be created to return to the team. This fund will be used for airdrops, bounties, competitions and exchange listings. With creation of new tokens while tokens are being burned this will enhance to token life span and create an economically stable token to ensure the ITF and token are here to stay.

What is the Inferno Token Foundation?

The Inferno Token Foundation was founded to support different groups and competitions in the community. The original plan was to donate 1% of all transaction to a crypto charity or foundation. We found that upon further inspection this was harder than we thought as none of the established organizations accepted tokens. So, the 1% will go to the ITF and the community will decide where these funds will be best utilized. From sponsoring a game tournament to increase crypto awareness to helping out disaster relief anywhere in the world. As a community the ITF will help for crypto awareness worldwide

.How do I receive airdrops?

The first airdrop will always be open until the supply runs out. Anyone will be able to claim on the website once per 24 hours. There will be a maximum of 1 million tokens to claim with each claim smaller than the last. The next air drops will go as follows:

300,000 Blaze for SHT holders500 Participants to Receive 200 BLAZE1000 Participants to Receive 100 BLAZE2000 Participants to Receive 50 BLAZE4000 Participants to Receive 25 BLAZE

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