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Thursday Ninja đŸ”„ – Self-Destructing Token for Ninjas!

Thursday Ninja is a deflationary token ERC-20 created for focused on empowering all itÂŽs holders, fighting inflation and the volatility of cryptographic markets.

THUR is a token where 1% is destroyed in each transaction, which increases the price and demand more and more, the total initial supply is 2M tokens and has 8 decimals.

Some features have been improved, compared to other deflationary tokens, for example the addition of 8 decimals as well that in BTC to diversify a little more the amounts and commissions available in the transactions.

THUR will also have its own name for units of measure like Bitcoin.


1 THUR = 1 THUR or 100000000 NINJAS

0.00000001 THUR = 1 NINJA

0.000005 THUR = 500 NINJAS

0.01 THUR = 1000000 NINJAS

Every Thursday will be special for the THUR community, airdrops, contests, prize giving and burning of manual tokens.

THUR is just a social experiment, although itÂŽs deflationary we take it more as a meme token .

Yiahhh!!… Are you ready to become a Ninja?.

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