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US DOJ Alleges Venezuelan President Maduro Used Cryptocurrency To Cover Drug Operations

https://cryptopotato.com/us-doj-alleges-venezuelan-president-maduro-used-cryptocurrency-to-cover-drug-operations/ The U.S. Department of Justice has charged the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as well as numerous current and former country officials with drug

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Decentralized AI Alliance Launches Hackathon To Support COVID-19 Medical Community

https://cryptopotato.com/decentralized-ai-alliance-launches-hackathon-to-support-covid-19-medical-community/ The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread as IItits currently present in almost all countries on the planet. However, this also tends to bring

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CME Group Should Start Mining Bitcoin, Board Of Directors Nominee Says

https://cryptopotato.com/cme-group-should-start-mining-bitcoin-board-of-directors-nominee-says/ CME Group is the largest institutional provider of Bitcoin futures contracts. However, according to a nominee for the upcoming Board of Directors

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China’s Cryptocurrency Is Closer Than Expected, Already Working On Legislation

https://cryptopotato.com/chinas-cryptocurrency-is-closer-than-expected-already-working-on-legislation/ Despite the delay, the People’s Bank of China (PBC) is closer to launching its official digital currency. By working together with several large private

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Telegram Won’t be Able To Issue GRAM For Now, As Court Sides With SEC

https://cryptopotato.com/telegram-wont-be-able-to-issue-gram-for-now-as-court-sides-with-sec/ The popular encrypted messaging application Telegram won’t be able to issue its GRAM tokens, for now. This becomes clear as a US District Court...

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Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes $3M Funding Round Led By BitMEX’s HDR Group

https://cryptopotato.com/indian-cryptocurrency-exchange-closes-3m-funding-round-led-by-bitmexs-hdr-group/ Cryptocurrency adoption in India seems to continue as a local exchange closed a successful Series A funding round for $3 million led by BitMEX’s...

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Steem’s Hard Fork Hive Facing Legal Issues From A Canadian Blockchain Company

https://cryptopotato.com/steems-hard-fork-hive-facing-legal-issues-from-a-canadian-blockchain-company/ Steem’s hard fork, HIVE, will have to deal with legal issues only days after its creation. According to an announcement from earlier today, a...

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This Is Why 2020 Needs To Be Bitcoin’s Year, According To Michael Novogratz

https://cryptopotato.com/this-is-why-2020-needs-to-be-bitcoins-year-according-to-michael-novogratz/ Although Bitcoin, among most financial assets, has lost a significant chunk of its value in the past month, Michael Novogratz remains positive. The CEO...

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Nouriel Roubini: Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bails Out Corporations, Not Workers

https://cryptopotato.com/nouriel-roubini-trillion-dollar-stimulus-bails-out-corporations-not-workers/ NYU economics professor Nouriel Roubini attacked federal stimulus legislation Sunday as a light on aid for workers. His remarks echo the response from

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Tim Draper Optimistic On Bitcoin, Considers Investing In Indian Cryptocurrency Startups

https://cryptopotato.com/tim-draper-optimistic-on-bitcoin-considers-investing-in-indian-cryptocurrency-startups/ American venture capitalist investor, Timothy (Tim) Draper, supported the recent ban removal on cryptocurrency trading and usage in India. He noted that

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Crypto & Coronavirus: How Is The Industry Affected By The Emerging Financial Crisis? Experts Pitch In (Exclusive)

https://cryptopotato.com/crypto-coronavirus-is-the-industry-affected-by-the-emerging-financial-crisis-experts-pitch-in-exclusive/ The novel coronavirus took the world by a storm like lightning from a clear sky. In a little more than a few months, over...

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Bitcoin Halving Delayed? Following Recent Bitcoin Sell-Off, Average Block Time Increased To 14 Minutes

https://cryptopotato.com/bitcoin-halving-delayed-following-recent-bitcoin-sell-off-average-block-time-increased-to-14-minutes/ The latest steep declines in Bitcoin's price have pushed miners to switch off some of their equipment to reduce costs. Consequently, this slowed down...

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Stablecoins’ Market Caps Skyrocket Following Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Sell-Off During March

https://cryptopotato.com/stablecoins-market-caps-skyrocket-following-bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-sell-off-during-march/ So far, the past month had seen some of the worst days in Bitcoin's price history. Following the emerging coronavirus crisis, Bitcoin plunged from...

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Bitcoin Presents – 90% Price Recovery, Despite Global Markets Crash: The Crypto Weekly Market Update

https://cryptopotato.com/bitcoin-presents-90-price-recovery-despite-global-markets-crash-the-crypto-weekly-market-update/ This week was nothing if not tumultuous for Bitcoin. Last Friday, its price dropped a massive 40%, recording one of its steepest losses in...

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Private Italian Bank Enables Bitcoin Trading To Its 1.2 Million Customers

https://cryptopotato.com/private-italian-bank-enables-bitcoin-trading-to-its-1-2-million-customers/ The latest Bitcoin adoption news came from one of the oldest Italian banks – Banca Sella. The bank launched a Bitcoin trading service conducted...

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Bakkt’s Ex-CEO, Sen. Kelly Loeffler Reportedly Dumped Millions in Stock Following COVID-19 Briefing

https://cryptopotato.com/bakkts-ex-ceo-sen-kelly-loeffler-reportedly-dumped-millions-in-stock-following-covid-19-briefing/ The recent economic meltdown, largely associated with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) saw major companies lose a huge chunk of their

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Bitcoin Options Trading Records All-Time Low On CME And Sees No Action On Bakkt

https://cryptopotato.com/bitcoin-options-trading-records-all-time-low-on-cme-and-sees-no-action-on-bakkt/ Days after the significant volatility and Bitcoin price declines, Bitcoin Options trading volume on regulated exchanges sees record-breaking lows. While

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Ripple Expands Presence In Thailand, Partners With Local Fintech Company To Use RippleNet

https://cryptopotato.com/ripple-expands-presence-in-thailand-partners-with-local-fintech-company-to-use-ripplenet/ Ripple continues its expansion by partnering with a Thailand-based fintech company called DeeMoney. The latter will utilize Ripple’s global financial

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Crypto Progressives Become Conservative With Their Own Chains – CoinDesk

https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-progressives-become-conservative-with-their-own-chains Those who style themselves as crypto progressives when rejecting the orthodoxy almost inevitably become crypto conservatives as they settle on a system they like,...

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Adoption: Blockchain-Based Gasnet For Distribution Of Natural Gas In Argentina Recently Launched By IOV Labs

https://cryptopotato.com/adoption-blockchain-based-gasnet-for-distribution-of-natural-gas-in-argentina-recently-launched-by-iov-labs/ IOV Labs announced the successful launch of a blockchain network focused on Argentina’s natural gas distribution ecosystem. Dubbed Gasnet, the system is

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Banks Have to Embrace Distributed Ledger Tech, Even if It Kills Them – CoinDesk

https://www.coindesk.com/banks-have-to-embrace-distributed-ledger-tech-even-if-it-kills-them Chuck Fried: Banks have to get over their fear of change and embrace the positive use cases made possible by distributed ledger technology.

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Craig Wright Has To Pay $165,000 In Fees For The Kleiman Case

https://cryptopotato.com/craig-wright-has-to-pay-165000-in-fees-for-the-kleiman-case/ Back in 2018, Craig Wright, Bitcoin’s SV powerful proponent, was sued by the estate of Dave Kleiman. He used to be Wright’s former business...

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Google Pay And Apple Pay Now Usable To Buy Bitcoin And Spend It

https://cryptopotato.com/google-pay-and-apple-pay-now-usable-to-buy-bitcoin-and-spend-it/ Despite the crashing markets, companies are working hard to boost the further adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In two separate announcements,

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Binance and WazirX Are Setting Up A $50M Fund To Boost Adoption In India

https://cryptopotato.com/binance-and-wazirx-are-setting-up-a-50m-fund-to-boost-adoption-in-india/ The leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Binance, and India’s own exchange WazirX, are setting up a blockchain fund in the Asian country for $50

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Privacy In Danger: Israel Is Already Tracking Citizens’ Private Phones, US Soon To Be Next?

https://cryptopotato.com/privacy-in-danger-israel-is-already-tracking-citizens-private-phones-us-soon-to-be-next/ One of the tenets of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is privacy and freedom. And now, privacy is at risk again. This time it's...

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