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Ethereum Classic (ETC) With New Policies and Procedures Based on Core Principles

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12847/ethereum-classic-etc-with-new-policies-and-procedures-based-on-core-principles/ Ethereum Classic recently tweeted:  “Today's money, property, and agreements depend on centralized systems, controlled by traditional institutions,

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Netflix will reduce its European network traffic by 25 percent to manage surge

https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/19/21187078/netflix-europe-streaming-european-union-bit-rate-broadband-coronavirus Netflix already works with internet service providers to figure out the best stream rate

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TRON (TRX) Justin Sun Spreading Positivity Talks of Hope after 55+ days of Wuhan Struggle

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12807/tron-trx-justin-sun-spreading-positivity-talks-of-hope-after-55-days-of-wuhan-struggle/ Tron Justin Sun requests some positivity.  He tweeted that it is important to stay united and stay positive and away from negativity.  Justin

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CoinPoker Permits Trading BTC and ETH for CHP Cryptocurrency for Poker

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12800/coinpoker-permits-trading-btc-and-eth-for-chp-cryptocurrency-for-poker/ CoinPoker is the first crypto poker software.  They provide decentralized power powered by cryptocurrency.  CoinPoker tweets:  “Join up

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The White House’s $6 trillion stimulus package is astronomically bullish for Bitcoin; here’s why | CryptoSlate

https://cryptoslate.com/the-white-houses-6-trillion-stimulus-package-is-astronomically-bullish-for-bitcoin/ The entire world, including the Bitcoin industry, has been ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak over the past few weeks; indeed, to mitigate the spread...

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Institutions Getting Out of Bitcoin? Volume & OI Plummeting on Regulated Exchanges

https://cryptoworldnews.us/institutions-getting-out-of-bitcoin-volume-oi-plummeting-on-regulated-exchanges/ Bitcoin trading volume on Huobi, OKEx, and Binance jumps ahead of BitMEX The crypto market is back in the green, adding $23 billion since...

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Bitcoin Will be a Peaceful Alternative to Unlimited Flow of Dollars

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12792/bitcoin-will-be-a-peaceful-alternative-to-unlimited-flow-of-dollars/ Investors are closely watching to see if the price trends of the Bitcoin are working away from the regular traditional markets.  Bitcoin is holding

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Roger Ver Recollected Business Situation that Influenced Blockchain Network

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12771/bitcoin-cash-bch-roger-ver-recollected-business-situation-that-influenced-blockchain-network/ Roger Ver, of Bitcoin.com opined that too many people support what is popular rather than what is right.  Roger Ver recollected what KimDotCom told

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Bitcoin Jumps 11% as Fed Commits Infinite Quantitative Easing – CryptoWorldNews.us

https://cryptoworldnews.us/bitcoin-jumps-11-as-fed-commits-infinite-quantitative-easing/ Bitcoin surged by almost 11 percent minutes after the US central bank committed to unlimited purchasing of US Treasuries mortgage-backed securities to help its...

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VeChain (VET) Tracks COVID-19 Related Data Blockchain Doing its Part for Society

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12743/vechain-vet-tracks-covid-19-related-data-blockchain-doing-its-part-for-society/ Vechain Foundation expressed that as the public blockchain platform chosen by coronavirusapi.com, they fully support the efforts of @itemsdapp and

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Holochain (HOT) The Current Market Frequency is not the right Yard Stick

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12737/holochain-hot-the-current-market-frequency-is-not-the-right-yard-stick/ HoloChain tweeted:  “Building with Holochain means you can design completely serverless apps that run on the devices of the users themselves.

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Waves Enterprise Platform Web.3.0 application Version 1.2 on Blockchain with anchoring Functionality

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12725/waves-enterprise-platform-web-3-0-application-version-1-2-on-blockchain-with-anchoring-functionality/ Waves platform retweeted about how the insufficient decentralization of private enterprise networks due to limited numbers of nodes might lead to the

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Bitcoin Bulls Roar as U.S. Politician Proposes ‘Two $1 Trillion Coins’ Idea – CryptoWorldNews.us

https://cryptoworldnews.us/bitcoin-bulls-roar-as-u-s-politician-proposes-two-1-trillion-coins-idea/ Bitcoin bulls were quite pleased on Saturday morning when Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal shared the “Automatic BOOST to Communities Act” published by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib...

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Data Shows Bitcoin Miners are Now Unprofitable; Here’s What This Means for BTC – CryptoWorldNews.us

https://cryptoworldnews.us/data-shows-bitcoin-miners-are-now-unprofitable-heres-what-this-means-for-btc/ Bitcoin has been on a wild ride over the past several weeks and months, with the benchmark cryptocurrency plummeting from recent highs of $10,500...

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How Blockchain, AI, And 3D Printing Can Help Solve Supply Crisis – CryptoWorldNews.us

https://cryptoworldnews.us/how-blockchain-ai-and-3d-printing-can-help-solve-supply-crisis/ Source: Adobe/endostock What seemed like science fiction a few short weeks ago is now very real. Movies such as Outbreak, Contagion and Virus are...

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ZCash (ZEC) Might Shock and Pump Up the Game “Forget Bitcoin and Meet ZCash”

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12721/zcash-zec-might-shock-and-pump-up-the-game-forget-bitcoin-and-meet-zcash/ ZCash is a cryptocurrency, a lot like Bitcoin, and it facilitates a groundbreaking technology that can reshape the world. The Zcash reward distribution

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ChainLink (LINK) Interoperability Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and Democratic Web 3.0

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12682/chainlink-link-interoperability-blockchain-based-smart-contracts-and-democratic-web-3-0/ ChainLink (LINK) already postponed its Smart Contract summit in a way to protect the health interests of the speakers in the community, thus making...

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More than 5,100 Air Canada flight attendants to be laid off amid massive COVID-19 slowdown

https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/more-than-5-100-air-canada-flight-attendants-to-be-laid-off-amid-massive-covid-19-slowdown-1.5504051 Air Canada is set to lay off more than 5,100 members of its cabin crews because of a dramatic drop in flights related to...

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Christine Lagarde Announced EUR 750 Billion Bond Buyback, Bitcoin Surged 10%

https://cryptoworldnews.us/christine-lagarde-announced-eur-750-billion-bond-buyback-bitcoin-surged-10/ Since Mar 7, 2020, the crypto market has witnessed some of the worst days ever since its inception with market capitalization losing more than...

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STEEM Hard Fork HIVE Preserve Integrity of Original Network Accounts AirDrop Snapshot March 20, 2020

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12658/steem-hard-fork-hive-preserve-integrity-of-original-network-accounts-airdrop-snapshot-march-20-2020/ The STEEM community perhaps did not like the idea of TRON Network, eventually planning to replace Steem for TRON based token.  And, the old...

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Money Printers Might Help Bitcoin & Its Derivatives Market – CryptoWorldNews.us

https://cryptoworldnews.us/money-printers-might-help-bitcoin-its-derivatives-market/ Source: iStock/Scanrail Anti-crisis measures taken by governments and central banks around the world might indirectly help bitcoin (BTC) and its derivatives market, according to...

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Investors Count Losses: Binance IEO Perlin (PERL) Postpones Mainnet Launch Indefinitely

https://coinfomania.com/perlin-perl-postpones-mainnet-launch-indefinitely/ After multiple delays, Perlin, a blockchain-based project that raised at least $ 6.7 million on Binance Launchpad in 2019, announced today that it has...

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Crypto hedge fund Adaptive Capital is shutting down after it ‘took a big hit’ during last week’s bitcoin price plunge – The Block

https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/59343/crypto-hedge-fund-adaptive-capital-is-shutting-down-after-it-took-a-big-hit-during-last-weeks-bitcoin-price-plunge Adaptive blamed insufficiencies in crypto's market structure during a last week's sell-off for its losses and closure.

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Ethereum (ETH) Further Education on Hashes Key Pairs Smart Contracts and Others

https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/12643/ethereum-eth-further-education-on-hashes-key-pairs-smart-contracts-and-others/ Considering the current sentiment in the traditional and cryptocurrency market, many people are doing their best to quarantine and to use the time to...

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Former Bakkt CEO accused of insider trading after attending a private January congressional hearing on Coronavirus

https://cryptoslate.com/former-bakkt-ceo-may-have-insider-traded-after-attending-private-january-congressional-hearing-on-coronavirus/ Junior United States Senator and former CEO of Bakkt Kelly Loeffler disclosed dumping millions of dollars worth of stock holdings in the days and...

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