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XRP marketcap is significantly overstated.

https://messari.io/article/messari-research-ripple-s-market-cap-is-likely-overstated-by-6-1-billion Potentially by as much as $6.1 billion.

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Opera’s Crypto Wallet – Get Started on Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

https://cryptoadventure.org/operas-crypto-wallet-get-started-on-decentralized-finance-defi/ Opera's Crypto Wallet is one of such futuristic inventions that Opera launched in 2018 as an Ethereum-based built-in native cryptocurrency wallet.

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Meditations on decentralisation

https://www.publish0x.com/adex-network/meditations-on-decentralisation-xgxdmd?a=joQeZJepZV&tid=htacc Photo by Jeffrey Czum on Unsplash AdEx Network was born in the crowd. Back in 2017 we were a bunch of kids with an...

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Ethereum will never work

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Defi Weekly Action Recap

https://bankless.substack.com/p/weekly-action-recap-484 Tuesday we learned how to open an autonomous index fund.Wednesday we got a cheat-sheet for Ether’s value accrual.Thursday we saw how tokenization is next...

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Compound Governance is Live

https://medium.com/compound-finance/compound-governance-decentralized-b18659f811e0 Decentralized community governance has replaced the administrator of the Compound protocol

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List of The Best Decentralized Exchanges with Fees and Listed Tokens

https://dappgrid.com/decentralized-exchanges-list/ In this list, you can find the most popular decentralized exchanges in the crypto ecosystem with fees and token listings.

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dYdX launches perpetual contracts – The Cryptonomist

https://en.cryptonomist.ch/2020/04/21/dydx-perpetual-contracts/ This is the first time such a tool is available on a DeFi platform

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Here Is The Full Explanation Behind Today’s Unprecedented Negative Oil Price

https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/here-full-explanation-behind-oils-unprecedented-negative-priceHow did you end up with negative oil prices today?  This happens when a physical futures contract find no buyers close to or at...

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Futureswap — Decentralized Futures With Up to 20x Leverage

https://defipulse.com/blog/futureswap/Futureswap is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) perpetual futures platform where users can trade any ERC20 token with up to 20x leverage. These...

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The unlimited approval problem: Token Allowance Checker

https://tac.dappstar.io/ Many DApps have the habit of requiring you to approve effectively unlimited amount of tokens - this also means that the DApp (or the...

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Fail-Proof Guide to Make DeFi Go Viral by @DeFi_Dad

https://thedefiant.substack.com/p/fail-proof-guide-to-make-defi-go-533Hello Defiers! If you frequent DeFi twitter at all, then you already know about the popular account of @DeFi_Dad. He’s a heavy user of...

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Cryptos Are Getting Clubbed But ‘Whale’ Numbers Soar Mirroring 2016 ‘Halving’


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7 economic cases for how ETH will preform with the ETH 2.0 rollout

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1250938829449674752.html TLDR: BUY AND HOLD ETH

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Furucombo: Create customized DeFi legos and put all strategies into one transaction.

https://furucombo.app/ Pick up a DeFi protocol you want and set up the inputs. You can then send the transaction or pick another DeFi protocol. Drag the cube...

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Burner Wallet + Fuel = 🔥

https://medium.com/@fuellabs/burner-wallet-fuel-7b8ce8e54aff Today we release an experimental version of Burner Wallet powered by Fuel.

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Our Network: Issue #14

https://ournetwork.substack.com/p/our-network-issue-14 Updates on MakerDAO, Compound, Aave, and Set.

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Balancer is Live 🎉

https://medium.com/balancer-protocol/balancer-is-live-4ba2f474131b Balancer is officially live on mainnet! After publishing the whitepaper in September, we have been heads down building the contracts…

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Idle is Live on Totle

https://medium.com/totle/idle-is-live-on-totle-81daaa24dc32 Get the best APR on the market with IdleDAI and IdleUSDC on Totle Swap!

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The audit’s done — Opium is “legal”

https://medium.com/opium-network/the-audits-done-opium-is-legal-110bfe87999d The protocol is secure. No critical severity issues were found, one medium severity issue regarding protocol governance, which we…

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Swap rate – non-custodial interest rate swap platform

https://swaprate.finance/ With swap.rate you can hedge against or get the best out of the interest rate fluctuations on decentralised finance (DeFi). * An interest rate swap...

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Introducing a simple MakerDAO collateral auctions dashboard

https://medium.com/defi-saver/introducing-a-simple-makerdao-collateral-auctions-dashboard-53f8a1d8ce88 The MakerDAO auctions system has recently received some bad press in the light of Black Thursday events. The system performed very…

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Argent: Solving Dapps’ Dirty Secret

https://medium.com/argenthq/argent-solving-dapps-dirty-secret-3ddb4f741a6 Dapps have a dirty secret: they can often access an unlimited number of tokens from your wallet. Sounds crazy, but that’s the reality behind...

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Annotated edition, Week in Ethereum News, March 21, 2020 issue

https://www.evanvanness.com/post/613477136094937088/annotated-edition-week-in-ethereum-news-march The NYT on how the Venezuelan kleptocrats screwed the dev is the epitome of something-we-all-saw-coming, which you already knew if you’ve read the newsletter...

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How to stay anonymous with Tornado.cash and similar solutions

https://medium.com/@tornado.cash/how-to-stay-anonymous-with-tornado-cash-and-similar-solutions-efdecdbd7d37 In the current implementation, we only attempt to solve the on-chain part of privacy. There is also network-level privacy that needs to be handled...

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