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Furucombo: Create customized DeFi legos and put all strategies into one transaction.

https://furucombo.app/ Pick up a DeFi protocol you want and set up the inputs. You can then send the transaction or pick another DeFi protocol. Drag the cube...

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Burner Wallet + Fuel = 🔥

https://medium.com/@fuellabs/burner-wallet-fuel-7b8ce8e54aff Today we release an experimental version of Burner Wallet powered by Fuel.

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Our Network: Issue #14

https://ournetwork.substack.com/p/our-network-issue-14 Updates on MakerDAO, Compound, Aave, and Set.

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Balancer is Live 🎉

https://medium.com/balancer-protocol/balancer-is-live-4ba2f474131b Balancer is officially live on mainnet! After publishing the whitepaper in September, we have been heads down building the contracts…

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Idle is Live on Totle

https://medium.com/totle/idle-is-live-on-totle-81daaa24dc32 Get the best APR on the market with IdleDAI and IdleUSDC on Totle Swap!

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The audit’s done — Opium is “legal”

https://medium.com/opium-network/the-audits-done-opium-is-legal-110bfe87999d The protocol is secure. No critical severity issues were found, one medium severity issue regarding protocol governance, which we…

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Swap rate – non-custodial interest rate swap platform

https://swaprate.finance/ With swap.rate you can hedge against or get the best out of the interest rate fluctuations on decentralised finance (DeFi). * An interest rate swap...

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Introducing a simple MakerDAO collateral auctions dashboard

https://medium.com/defi-saver/introducing-a-simple-makerdao-collateral-auctions-dashboard-53f8a1d8ce88 The MakerDAO auctions system has recently received some bad press in the light of Black Thursday events. The system performed very…

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Argent: Solving Dapps’ Dirty Secret

https://medium.com/argenthq/argent-solving-dapps-dirty-secret-3ddb4f741a6 Dapps have a dirty secret: they can often access an unlimited number of tokens from your wallet. Sounds crazy, but that’s the reality behind...

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Annotated edition, Week in Ethereum News, March 21, 2020 issue

https://www.evanvanness.com/post/613477136094937088/annotated-edition-week-in-ethereum-news-march The NYT on how the Venezuelan kleptocrats screwed the dev is the epitome of something-we-all-saw-coming, which you already knew if you’ve read the newsletter...

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How to stay anonymous with Tornado.cash and similar solutions

https://medium.com/@tornado.cash/how-to-stay-anonymous-with-tornado-cash-and-similar-solutions-efdecdbd7d37 In the current implementation, we only attempt to solve the on-chain part of privacy. There is also network-level privacy that needs to be handled...

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Hello World — SeedBed, A Platform for Community Tokens

https://medium.com/seedbed/hello-world-seedbed-a-platform-for-community-tokens-efa16be5fe2d My name is Tomer and I’m the CEO of SeedBed, a platform for community token creation and management. Our model is based on the...

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How to empower small business with Tokenisation, the true killer app for ethereum

https://medium.com/alphawallet/how-to-empower-small-business-with-tokenisation-the-true-killer-app-for-ethereum-964806880ae0 With the onset of COVID-19, many businesses are suffering. Funds have dried up as people stop going out and buy less goods and services.

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"How To DeFi" Book by CoinGecko

https://landing.coingecko.com/how-to-defi/ Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is fast disrupting the traditional financial sector. How To DeFi is a must-read book for anyone looking to understand DeFi.

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🦄 All about Uniswap V2. Price oracles, optimistic swaps and much much more. Launching April 2020.

https://uniswap.org/blog/uniswap-v2/ In Uniswap V2, any ERC20 token can be pooled directly with any other ERC20 token. Wrapped Ether (WETH) is used instead of native ETH in...

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Vitalik Proposes Solution to ‘Embarrassing’ Lack of Bitcoin–Ethereum Bridge

https://cointelegraph.com/news/vitalik-proposes-solution-to-embarrassing-lack-of-bitcoinethereum-bridge?utm_source=Telegram&utm_medium=social Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin suggests a DEX-bridge solution to the “embarrassing” lack of easy movement between Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

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Perlin falls short, no more mainnet

https://t.me/lobsters_chat/32347 1] Tech team could not complete mainnet on time 2] Mainnet will probably never be completed 3] Thus, PERL will remain as an ERC20 shitcoin 4] Kenta...

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Financial Cryptography 2020 Recap

https://blog.trailofbits.com/2020/03/18/financial-cryptography-2020-recap/ A few weeks ago, we went to the 24th Financial Cryptography (FC) conference and the Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts (WTSC), where we presented...

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Smart Contract Security Newsletter #34

https://medium.com/consensys-diligence/smart-contract-security-newsletter-34-ec0c1fdc1dd7 This week: EthCC & SBC Videos, ProgPoW bug, MakerDAO Auction Fiasco, SmartBugs and more

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Coinbase: Bitcoin is uncorrelated with traditional markets – Decrypt

https://decrypt.co/23053/coinbase-bitcoin-is-uncorrelated-with-traditional-markets?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sm Bitcoin’s price may have dropped with the sudden market crash but over the long term, it does its own thing.

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How One Trader Turned $400 into $400k with Political Futures

https://augur.substack.com/p/how-one-trader-turned-400-into-400k Augur Weekly | A Look at the Week in Political Betting, Augur News, and More

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Bankless COVID-19 Prep Plan

https://bankless.substack.com/p/bankless-covid-19-prep-plan 4 things to expect in the corona era

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Our Network: Issue #13

https://ournetwork.substack.com/p/our-network-issue-13 Updates on emerging networks.

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Breaking Down Ethereum Wallets Options

https://blog.gnosis.pm/breaking-down-ethereum-wallets-options-2162b41477d7 While we often lump different ways to store Ethereum assets into the single term “wallet”, there are in fact vast differences in many of…

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