Hello dirtybags community today I came to present you the CASHHAND currency, a very interesting currency where the purpose of it will be to make forms of payment through boleto paying for the currency itself I found very interesting and wanted to present it to everyone in the uptrend community. CASHHAND PRESENTATION Cryptocurrencies have brought a wide range of unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors with impressive economic growth. CashHand is gearing up to disrupt conventional cryptocurrency market strategies, approaches and business practices, creating a payment opportunity for small purchases and applications. CashHand is based on the design of Stake Proof and Masternode coins. The cryptocurrency industry has given rise to a new market, and with that, CashHand has taken on the mission of initiating changes in the market, so that the world could take advantage of the various opportunities that the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain industries have to offer. CashHand aims to be a payment gateway provider, in-app or in small payments for any type of payment imaginable. Currently, cell phones use assets called -App Store- that can be purchased through a FIAT gateway (credit card, PayPal, picpay etc.) or prepaid cards that can be purchased through the same gateways. CashHand believes that this can also be achieved by offering our cryptographic asset as a form of payment for these transactions. CashHand believes it is a great addition to the introduction of a gateway payment for online stores, certainly for online stores that offer low-priced products. Many of them are offering FIAT payment options that come with additional fees or transaction costs that make the cheap product a much more expensive service. With low fees on CashHand-s blockchain network transactions, the actual transaction costs will be much lower, and online stores can compete with the -big market giants.below I will leave the telegram group where they are distributing 1000 CASHHAND just for lowering the wallet and another 200 coins for their nominees. The Cashhand community grows with each passing day.there are other ways to buy pre-sale currency, costing just $ 5 each.CashHand Brasileiro: InglĂŞs: @cashhandofficial1. IntroductionCashHand is preparing to disrupt strategies, approaches and practices conventional commercial transactions in the cryptocurrency market, creating an opportunity to payment for small purchases and app purchases. It is based on the design of Stake Proof and Masternode coins. Cashhand will defend an e-commerce platform, with its -Store- launched until the end of the second quarter of 2020. It will be the first user-friendly platform, followed by a recharging platform so that normal people can have a convenient life without problems. Like a Masternode and Staking currency, Masternode owners and investors are generously rewarded for continuously operating the blockchain. And the best of all, if you run your masternode on a VPS service, you don-t need to keep your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; just check your wallet when you want to see your rewards! If configuring a masternode via VPS seems daunting, another option is to use a hosted masternode service, we will announce which ones we support in the future.Masternode and Stake also to acquire a good amount of coins and through the daily rewards are giving 7 thousand coins a day. This income can give you a lot of profit in the future the collateral of the Masternode is 50000 coming soon….Bitcointalk

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