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  • BAT is a centralized system, not a "Proof-of-Watch"

    There is no known way to have a cryptographically strong “Proof-of-Watch”. All that browser does is, when a user watches an ad, it communicates to its backend and asks the backend to send a token to an address attached to the user. It’s not a cryptographic system that mines coins by showing ads.

  • Cryptoworld Votes BTC after Bank of America Axes Ex PayPal CFO Account

    Hungry for proofs that Bitcoin (BTC) is better than traditional, centralized banking, the Cryptoverse just found more examples in the U.S. and Lebanon. First, the U.S.-headquartered banking giant Bank of America (BoA) froze the accounts of ex PayPal Chief Financial Officer (CFO), prompting the Cryptosphere to share similar stories, but also a solution to the issue – Bitcoin.

  • Centralized Exchanges Are Becoming The Worst Enemy Of Crypto (2018)

    As gateways to the world of cryptocurrencies, centralized exchanges have amassed large amounts of influence over the years. These companies control the power to make or break blockchain projects, and are usually the only businesses that remain profitable regardless of the volatility that the crypto market experiences. All of this wealth and influence has led to serious unethical acts of market manipulation and exploitation that expose exactly why decentralized exchanges are needed now more than ever. 

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  • Dan Larimer Receives Guinness World Record for Most Crypto Exit Scams

    Serial swindler, Dan Larimer, who conned his way into becoming a Blockchain Billionaire, was awarded the “Guinness World Record” for most crypto exit scams. Larimer, who is best known for his role in creating popular hit scams such as Bitshares, Steem, and EOS received the award after brilliantly exit scamming EOS in October and announcing plans for creating his fourth new shitcoin. Dan Larimer responds: “I have this brilliant idea to tell people I can create a better Bitcoin. People believed me three times already. Why not four?”

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    EOS does not constitute anything close to a Blockchain, fully centralized. Their claimed transaction speed is a lie, fake users, wash trading during the crowd sale, corruption in the markets associated with EOS. And people behind EOS are the same people behind other scams.

  • Tether Once Again Pulls a Sneaky Update

    Tether used to claim that 1 USDT was backed by 1 USD in reserves. This has now been silently changed to: “Every tether is always 100% backed by our reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents and, from time to time, may include other assets and receivables from loans made by Tether to third parties, which may include affiliated entities (collectively, “reserves”). Every tether is also 1-to-1 pegged to the dollar, so 1 USD₼ is always valued by Tether at 1 USD.”

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  • Warning: Do not hold Chainlink long term

    While there are certainly profits to be made by trading Chainlink, there are warnings to not HODL it with the hope that one day developers will adopt it as their source for decentralized oracles – That certainly won’t happen. The app developer looked over the Chainlink white paper and documentation, here is what he found:  […] More

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  • Tether is a fully centralized system, tokens can be frozen or confiscated.

    Tether is a fully centralized system that is merely recorded on a blockchain. Your tokens can be frozen or confiscated by a central group of people that control Tether. They could wipe out all profits kept in Tether in one action. SOURCE: More