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  • Ethplode token is a scam! (Warning)

    After asking why my referrals were removed the admin explained that I was signing up fake users, he laughed and banned me from their Telegram chat.

    Impossible because the referrals were all real people that I know personally. How the hell are they fake?

    This is just a small warning for people that are searching for reviews for Ethplode. Ethplode is a scam and you shouldnt bother with their crap. All reviews about Ethplode are paid for.

  • BOMB token: in the end it will become valueless

    Isn’t the only possible end game that this becomes valueless? I mean the only reason something ultimately succeeds as a store of value is because people think it will retain (i.e. store) its ability to be traded – but the fact that some people will inevitably sell something at some point (which destroys indivisible BOMB tokens) means liquidity will dry up – perhaps really slowly but eventually completely.

  • Dynamite token is a scam!

    A very large amount of the original supply was divided between many addresses and then re consolidated this is very obvious if you check early days of the contract. The ‘creators’ are brainlets barely able of writing a sentence. The white paper is being written by one of the chat members who invested because obviously any coin should have one. I’ve been a member of all the mod channels and there is no plan for the token other than to convince others that there is a plan. Guard your money fam.

  • Deflationary token Aftershock (SHOCK) contract hacked!

    AfterShock – The World’s First Deflationary Proof of Stake Token, [03.10.19 07:47] [Forwarded from AfterShock – Announcements] Hello everyone. As most of you already know, there was a flaw found in the AfterShock contract. Fortunately there was very little damage caused by this issue. Trading on DDEX and VinDAX have now been halted until we […] More

  • Deflationary BAGS token: after upcycling more than 500 shitcoins, remains a deflationary shitcoin

    BAGS token: after upcycling more than 500 shitcoins, remains a shitcoin.The generic name, questionable number of telegram channel members compared to holders make a BAGS story questionable. Wasn’t one deflationary token (BOMB) enough ? Why do we have to suffer altcoin boom and bust of 2013 all over again? More