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  • Ripple's Public Relations Tricks

    Ripple’s relentless issuance of misleading, and borderline false press releases, led to a biased perception of the company’s technology and its adoption.

  • A guide to financial risk in DeFi

    Are investors and proponents properly considering the risk associated with lending stablecoins?DeFi may not be fueled by aggressive speculation and market manipulation in the same way ICO’s were, but the impressive returns offered by DeFi products likely stem from systemic risks that are not always appreciated by investors.

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  • BTC's monetary policy is overrated.

    Dear Crypto Natives, BTC’s monetary policy is overrated. I should qualify—BTC’s monetary policy is overrated by some. And yes, it’s still underrated by many, but maybe not for the reasons people think. In this thought piece and the next I’m going to contrast the monetary policies of BTC and ETH. I’m going to argue that […] More

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  • Fire Before Growth: The Likely Fate Of Ethereum Killers

    In the coming quarters, a high density of “Ethereum Killers” (EKs) plan to launch their mainnets, and in so doing, release their assets to the public crypto markets. The transition of price discovery from the private to public markets will be an important one to watch and understand, especially considering many EKs carry billion-dollar anticipated launch values. 

    To follow, I’ll reason through my expectations for asset prices and the prices of services offered by EKs. While maximalists may dismiss this as hopeless investigation of shitcoins, the behavior of newly launched EKs will impact the development of the sideways market we’re currently in, as well as the bull market to come. 

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  • Chainlink makes me hate cryptocurrency.

    IF Chainlink really isnt a scam and is actually the next big thing then that means there has been an organized FUD campaign for years the likes of which hasnt been seen in crypto. We are talking some serious social engineering.

    If Chainlink really is just a scam then it has had an equally large campaign and should make everybody weary of every project in crypto.

    Watching this shit go from an absolute joke to one of the more promising projects in crypto makes me think I know absolutely nothing about the entire space. It makes me lose trust in everybody.

  • Ripple XRP is centralized, can freeze funds

    r/CryptoCurrency – Reminder: Ripple XRP is centralized, and they can freeze any user’s funds, especially when asked by the government.Ripple Labs asked Bitstamp, one of their many payment gateways, to place an “individual freeze” on the funds of McCaleb on March 21, after the company discovered that the former co-founder tried to trade 96 million XRP.

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