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  • Augur itself has devolved to a cesspool of scams and wash-trading.

    Sure. This article is dishonestly implying that the odds referred to are from Augur. They’re not. They are from, which gets them from BetFair (a centralized betting site).

    If INVALID was a tradeable outcome (as it will be in Augur v2), then, based on historical performance, it would be ahead of most of these candidates. This is bad because having to play the Augur “meta-game” destroys the generally slim advantage you may have in such markets.

  • 73 out of top 100 exchanges on CMC wash trade over 90% of their volume

    According to our calculations, among the Top-100 exchanges on CMC, there are 73 currently which are wash trading over 90% of their volumes. Thus, only about a quarter of the exchanges on CMC publish truthful information about their true volume of trades.

    Many of these exchanges also post ghost orders and trade executions which never actually happened to try and create natural volume patterns (seen in the volume meters of the Lbank chart above ) that are not as obvious as the flat volume bars across the board seen in the OEX chart.

    CMC still lists numerous scam exchanges in its Top-10 “Adjusted Volume” rankings. Its Top-10 list includes LBank,, Bit-Z, Coinbene, and OEX, which our data is shows wash trading rates at high levels from 96.9% up to 99.7%. This continues to be because CMC ranks exchanges by trading volume without any basic checks, which motivates trading platforms to report false data and rank higher, thus becoming more visible to users.

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  • Hotbit has horrible wash trading.

    Hotbit has horrible wash trading. It’s not even a trade it’s just numbers on the order history lol. But I have used the exchange (deposit and withdraw) with success about 4 or 5 times. I wouldn’t leave my funds on there at all though.Posted in r/CryptoCurrency by u/coffeesandtezzies ‱ 49 points and 25 comments

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    EOS does not constitute anything close to a Blockchain, fully centralized. Their claimed transaction speed is a lie, fake users, wash trading during the crowd sale, corruption in the markets associated with EOS. And people behind EOS are the same people behind other scams.