DIRTYBAGS.ORG is an experimental link aggregator, built for community collection, curation and creation of all the bad, crazy and terrible (sprinkled with some awesome) things that are happening in cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The general rule for submissions is quality critical/skeptical content, all shitposts and shillposts will be deleted without mercy.


The Horde (of shills) is here and they sharpen their post titles and hone their shilling skills daily. Cryptocurrency ecosystem is overrun paid shills – the amount of money and effort being used to fund shilling is beyond all measure or comprehension.

Naked Moneygrabs such as ICO,STO,IEO are hailed as the new financial systems. Fantastical promises and delivery of half baked products that are hard to use and command low numbers of users are the norm.  Exchanges wash trading, overcharging, loosing fund to hacks or exit scamming.  


Our mission is to provide a balance back in to the system by funding the curation of critical content, so that YOU the user can make the informed decisions, before clicking that BUY button for a overshilled asset.


When you are submitting links you are rewarded with real deflationary BAGS tokens which you can withdraw out on ethereum blokchain as ERC20. 


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